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EU – India Biofuels Supply Chain Platform for Maritime Sector: A G2G, B2G, B2B and Awareness program convening EU-India stakeholders in the Maritime biofuels sector Biofuel is an important solution for CO2 mitigation strategies in the economy, a fact recognized by India’s recent policy moves to encourage the use of biofuel blends. As early as 2018, the National Policy on Biofuels was adopted, to encourage local production of clean energy sources, reduce the import of petroleum products, and generate more employment, leading India towards a sustainable model of energy generation and consumption.

Regional governments like Gujarat has been steadily moving towards green energy solutions for future requirements; and is looking at implementing various biofuel industry promotional (incentives/grants) initiatives for the industries/ start-ups/new entrepreneurs, farmers.

Meanwhile Europe has strengthened its research activities in broadening the feedstock options, improving process technology through flexibility in processing multi-feedstocks (MFS) at high yields; developing sophisticated standards for assuring fuel quality; establishing biofuel production in many countries all over the world including in India.


13Feb 2023




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