Why Us

A New Leadership Direction In Maritime Arbitration

The economic growth of India and the consequent increase in trade flow is being followed by a strong desire of the maritime community to resolve their disputes locally in an effective, efficient and expeditious manner.

The GIMAC has been envisioned to be a specialist maritime arbitration centre offering world-class and trusted resolution to international trade disputes in India. It offers Indian maritime businesses the best alternative in South East Asia for a neutral, cost-effective and flexible framework to resolve their disputes fairly and expeditiously.

There are over 35 arbitration centres in India. However, none of them exclusively deals with the maritime sector. But there has now been a concerted shift in India’s focus with a landmark step being taken towards making India a hub of International Commercial Arbitration.

Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Gujarat Maritime University and International Financial Services Centres Authority in GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City) City. The result has been the setting-up of the Gujarat International Maritime Arbitration Centre (GIMAC).

GIMAC is the first centre of its kind in the country that will manage arbitration and mediation proceedings with disputes related to the maritime and shipping sector. A world-class arbitration centre is focussed on maritime and shipping disputes that can help resolve commercial and financial conflicts between entities having operations in India.

Core Benefits of GIMAC


High Cost Effectiveness for Indian Companies


Distinguished & Trusted Panel of international experts and professionals


Facilitate faster dispute resolution


Increase the ease of doing business

Scope and Functions of the Centre

The Centre aspires to make contributions in the field of Maritime Dispute Resolution at local and global level by:

  • Organising International training events such as Certificate Courses on Maritime Arbitration, and Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism which will include short-term courses and diploma courses
  • Creating a platform for deliberation on the field by organising Seminar, Conferences, Webinars and other similar events
  • Creating a platform of creation of knowledge with initiating a research journal, edited book and inviting quality article for publication. And by launching own book with the research conducted at the Centre
  • Forming collaborations with National and International institutions and specialised experts of high repute and significant contribution in the field
  • Executing outreach programme to spread awareness about the field

Core Values

Living Up to the Highest Values of Justice

The GIMAC will be a proud extension of India’s unparalleled tradition of democratic justice and legal excellence, now delivering maritime dispute resolution of the highest order. The core values adopted by the Centre for Maritime Dispute Resolution are Ethics, Integrity, Teamwork, Neutrality, Excellence, and Empathy.


  • Research shall be carried out in an environment of academic freedom and honesty
  • The Centre will adhere to the highest standards of ethics in all its activities


  • Demonstrates the highest standards of professional behaviour
  • Operates with transparency and honesty in everything we do


  • Works collaboratively with others to achieve a common goal
  • Respects contributions of all team members
  • Fosters an environment where teamwork is valued and rewarded


  • Embraces all differences as they contribute to the richness of our community
  • Values and promotes full utilisation of workforce without arbitrary outlook
  • Respects others ideas, beliefs, backgrounds and opinions to drive excellence


  • Promises to employ the most innovative solutions, and ideas to all initiatives
  • Fosters an environment of continuous improvement to produce quality knowledge
  • Explores creative approaches to problem-solving
  • The Institute is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities and will go through internal and external reviews, to work towards continuous improvement
  • The Centre will recognise exceptional efforts through awards and honours


The Centre aims to provide new insights, knowledge transfer and training in the area by organising International events such as Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Capacity building training programmes for sector professionals and students and by starting its own journal in Law of Maritime Dispute Resolution.

Centre aims to facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and enhance its horizon by forming collaboration with International Arbitral Institutions and arbitrators of International repute having made substantial contributions in the field of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

Centre aims to aid in providing legal consultancies to the individuals and organisational bodies in need. It will work in acquiring national and international research projects and thereby enable research on adequate implementation of Alternate Dispute Resolution Law in the maritime sector, both at local and global level.


The Centre carries an outlook to foster active research on contemporary issues of the ever-growing legal field and to promote capacity building. The Centre aspires to become a Centre of Excellence for research, advocacy and capacity building in the field of dispute resolution in the Maritime sector with special focus on alternative dispute resolution, and to be recognised locally and globally for quality of service rendered by the Centre.