Members' Requirement

Who can become GMC Member ?

Gujarat Maritime Cluster intends to include individuals/companies, government regulatory agencies, trade/associations representing the various ports, shipping/maritime and logistics fields of business as well as various other supporting actors. Additionally, the Maritime Cluster will also include banks & other sources of capital (viz. financial institutions) for ease in availability of finance for said businesses as well as educational institutes focussed on imparting education in maritime and other allied disciplines to supply educated and trained manpower in the maritime/shipping industry.

Who all can participate?

Regulators / Government Agencies

  • Directorate General of Shipping
  • Mercantile Marine Department
  • Gujarat Maritime Board, etc.

Support Service Providers

  • Maritime Education
  • Institutes
  • Event Management
  • Companies
  • Publishing Houses (viz. Daily Shipping Times, EXIM India)
  • Manning Agencies
  • Media, etc.

Intermediate Service Providers

  • Shipping Finance
  • Maritime Insurance Firms
  • Maritime Arbitrators
  • Maritime Law Firms
  • Maritime Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Maritime Consultants
  • Maritime IT Firms
  • Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Ship Designing Firms, etc.

Shipping Industry Players

  • Ship Owners/Shipping Lines
  • Ship Operators
  • Ship Charterers
  • Shipping Agents
  • Ship Brokers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Customs Brokers
  • Ship Management Companies
  • Transport Operators
  • Port Terminal/ICD/CFS Operator
  • Stevedores
  • Ship Chandlers
  • Surveying & Inspection service providers, etc.

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