Why Us

Envisioned by Visionary Leadership

Led by Visionaries Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) – A Frontrunner Maritime Organisation

The maritime sector is a highly dynamic environment; it needs dynamic leadership. Envisioned in 2007 by then Gujarat CM and current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, the Gujarat Maritime Cluster represents the ultimate convergence of Industry, Government and Academia to accelerate value creation in the sector.

He took his vision of ensuring that core sectors don’t work in silos to greater depths with the mission to achieve excellence in the Maritime sector.

Maritime India Vision 2030 which include :

The Sagar-Manthan

Mercantile Marine Domain Awareness Centre; an information system for enhancing maritime safety, search and rescue capabilities, security and marine environment protection.

The Sagarmala Project

Promoting port-led development which identifies over 574 projects at a cost of 82 billion US Dollars or ₹ 6 lakh crores for implementation during 2015 to 2035.